DJBT – Tribute to James Brown

DJBT – Soul School

DJBT – Mi Casa Su Casa

DJBT – Live @ Elevate

DJBT – Kickin Boots

DJBT – Idjut Lips Pt. 2

DJBT – Idjut Lips Pt. 1

DJBT – Harder Faster

DJBT – Get Deeper

DJBT – Gathering at the disco

DJBT – Funkitup

DJBT – Fonky Feelin Pt. 2

DJBT – Fonky Feelin Pt. 1

DJBT – EclectiFunk

DJBT – Classics Breaks

DJBT – Chunky Funk

DJBT – Chill PillD

JBT – Bootie Breakdown

DJBT – Assfunkster

DJBT – Around the world Pt. 2

DJBT – Around the world pt. 1

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